Marcel Marceau Project

The Marcel Marceau project was part of a collaboration between the theatre department at Ohio State and ACCAD. As a graduate researcher, I had the opportunity to participate by creating immersive environments for MoCap. The final product was a play titled There Is No Silence. Several sequences of the play involved an actor in a Motion Capture suite driving a digital avatar in a digital environment rear projected on a screen above the stage.

Responsible for Paris environment, parts of America environment, and the scrolling city

The above video shows the main sequences that I worked on. The buildings were modeled in Maya, and the textures were painted in Photoshop to mimic Marcel Marceau's watercolor style. I used a python script to instance and scatter the smaller buildings. The American environment was created in collaboration with a few other artists.

Scrolling test render of the Paris environment. Responsible for everything shown here.

Some of our initial experiements involved creating MoCap puppets. I created these sun face puppets. Although the suns have a flat graphic style to them, they are actually 3D models and blendshapes are used to create the facial expressions. I used Motion Builder's constraints to link the blendshapes to the rotation of the MoCap Props. The props also control the location of the suns and the direction the eyes are pointed in.

Responsible for creating MoCap props and digital puppets

The textures in the final environments, and the style of the sun puppets were based off of Marcel Marceau's watercolor paintings.

Photoshop painting of the Moon created in the painting style of Marcel Marceau